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Cystic Acne

We provide general Las Vegas skin care for all age groups, from neonatal to geriatric dermatology.  Dr. Samlaska incorporates the most current treatments as well as emerging innovative therapies.  Typical disorders include: Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, “Rashes,” Viral and Drug Eruptions, Moles, Warts, Skin Discoloration, keloids, severe “sweating” (hyperhidrosis), Nail and Hair Disorders, Sun Damage and Skin Cancers.  All biopsy procedures are performed to achieve the best cosmetic result, be that a simple mole removal or clearance of a skin cancer.  Dr. Samlaska has vast experience in treating scarring anceiform diseases and advanced forms of Psoriasis Vulgaris.  We also provide in-patient evaluations for many of the Las Vegas hospitals, particularly St. Rose Medical Facilities.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

To prevent melanoma it is important to examine your skin on a regular basis.  Become familiar with your moles and skin conditions.  According to research, certain moles are at a high risk for changing into malignant melanoma.  Moles that are present at birth, and atypical moles, have a greater chance of becoming malignant.  The ABCD Chart is a good way to detect malignant melanoma at its earliest stage.


Collagen Wound Care:

Most of our patients will be treated with closures that require sutures, but some may be treated with Collagen.  Patients treated with Collagen for benign and malignant lesions we excise on the skin will be required to mix the collagen to a consistency of Vasoline (petrolium jelly).  Here is a video reviewing how to apply the Collagen for wound treatments:  Click HERE.

The warning signs are:

Melanomas vary greatly in appearance and are very challenging for health care providers and pathologists.  Some melanomas may show all of the ABCD characteristics, while others may only show changes in one or two features.  Always consult your physician for a diagnosis in suspicious looking moles.  Contact Academic Dermatology of Nevada for experienced, expert dermatology care in the Las Vegas area.

Molluscum Contagiosum
Wart Virus

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