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Proteus Syndrome: God of Shapeshifting…

Proteus Syndrome is also known as Elattoproteus Syndrome and elephant man disease.  It may be confused with Neurofibromatosis and the Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, originally believed to have neurofibromatosis, is now believed to have had Proteus Syndrome.  To see images of Joseph Merrick click HERE.  In 1983 a German pediatrician named the syndrome after the… Read more »

Drug Eruptions: Capecitabine induced Sweet’s Syndrome

Sweet’s syndrome is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome, usually associated with hematologic malignancies, manifesting with fevers, neutrophilic leucocytosis, painful edematous plaques, usually involving the hands and distal arms with a dermal infiltrate of neutrophils on biopsy.  One of the characteristic features of Sweet’s is what is called “pseudovesiculation”…the cutaneous lesions appear to be vesicles, however, if… Read more »