Nevus Spilus: Speckled Lentiginous Nevus…

Nevus Spilus is also referred to as Specked Lentiginous Nevus and is present at birth or in early childhood.  It frequently occurs on the trunk and lower extremities and occurs in about 2% of the population.  Although it may be less than  1 cm in diameter it is most often significantly larger and often follow a segmental distribution and is referred to as a “Zosteriform” Lentigo.

As you can see the patients have a light-brown or tan macules speckled with smaller, darker macules or papules.

Happle has suggested dividing the entity into two forms, a macular type and a papular typeMelanoma has rarely been associated and when found it is associated with the papular form.    Although considered a benign nevus, a changing lesion should be biopsied to exclude melanoma.  There is some controversy that Nevus Spilus may be a congenital nevus from the start and not an acquired nevus.  To read more about Nevus Spilus read HERE and HERE.  To read about a melanoma arising within a Nevus Spilus click HERE.