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Urticaria: Acute and Chronic Hives…

Urticaria is also known as Hives.  It is a vascular reaction of the skin characterized by the appearance of wheals that are often surrounded by a red halo or flare.  It is associated with severe pruritus or itching, stinging and/or a pricking sensation.  These wheals are caused by localized edema.  Clearing of the central portions… Read more »

Lichen Sclerosus: Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicus, Kraurosis Vulvae, Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans…

Lichen Sclerosis (LS), also known as Lichen Sclerosis et Atrophicus, is a common chronic skin disorder that most often affects the genital and perianal areas.  Genital involvement is referred to as Kraurosis Vulvae in women and Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans in men.  LS can present present in childhood to old age.  Although it occurs in all… Read more »

Nummular Eczema

Nummular eczema is also known as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema.  The word “nummular” comes from the Latin word meaning coin.  These patients have multiple coin shaped plaques involving the skin.  Known triggers include:  Any damage to the skin, such as insect bites, scrapes, scratches or chemical burns; reactions to inflammation (atopic dermatitis or stasis… Read more »

PatchMD and Dr. Samlaska Team up for Vitamin Skin Patches

PatchMD is a company that makes patches that carry vitamins through the skin in a time-release manner — Dr. Samlaska is involved with the company and excited about something he’s worked on. He’s seen many patients who tell him, “Well I go outside every day and get my 15 or 20 minutes of sun exposure… Read more »

What Types of Sunscreen are Best?

Use of sunscreen is ultra-important in climates with lots of sunshine, such as Henderson and Las Vegas.  It works very well when applied correctly, but most people don’t. One big mistake is that people don’t realize that they have to reapply sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that if anyone is going to be… Read more »

What does SPF Really Mean Anyway?

Because Dr. Curt Samlaska lives and works in the Henderson and Las Vegas areas, he is familiar with the hot climate and year-round sunny days. He offers advice about Sun Protection Factors (SPF) for people who live and visit the area and spend time outdoors. Dr. Samlaska says that there are a lot of simple… Read more »

This Dermatologist is also a Science Fiction Author

In addition to creating safety designs for catheters to decrease urinary tract infections in hospital patients, a 14-year stint in the Army, locking pins that enable building with pool noodles, treating dermatology patients, and keeping track of his three children, Dr. Curt Samlaska is a science fiction author. In 1998, he published Eucarion—a political-medical techno-thriller…. Read more »

Henderson Dermatologist Dr. Curt Samlaska: Inventor (Part II)

Dr. Curt Samlaska is a proponent for reducing the occurrence of catheter-caused urinary tract infections (UTIs) in hospital patients. As such, he is also an inventor to create what he needs. Traditional urine collection bags have a T-valve; existing bags can slide out. This can get easily contaminated because it’s open to air from the… Read more »

Dermatologist Dr. Curt Samlaska: Inventor (Part I)

While relaxing at a pool one day, Dr. Curt Samlaska and his youngest daughter Londyn discussed inventor kids who put up websites and have been successful in marketing their own products such as jewelry and flip-flops. Londyn—aka Lu Lu—said she wished she could build something with pool noodles. The result was Lu Lu Noodles. Dr…. Read more »