Acne Rosacea

Rosacea is characterized by persistent erythyema of the face, particularly the cheeks and nose.  It occurs most commonly in light skinned individuals, women greater than men, with onset between the ages of 30-50.  There are factors that can promote or exacerbate rosacea–extremes of temperature (very hot or cold), alcohol (W.C. Fields classic example of alcohol associated rosacea), excercise, hot spicy foods, anything that promotes flushing or blushing can promote acne rosacea.  To see pictures of W. C. Fields click HERE.  The major forms of rosacea are:

  1.  Papular (as shown by first photograph above)
  2.  Erythrotelangiectatic (as shown by second photograph above)
  3.  Papulopustular
  4.  Glandular (W. C. Fields is an example of this type)
  5.  Rhinophyma (enlarged nose, such as W. C. Fields again, mostly found in glandular patients)

In addition, some patients may develop ocular features in the form of a blepharitis.

This is a very common condition, and their are many treatment options available.  It is a very treatable condition.  We can not cure you, but we can certainly help inhibit the progression of the disease, and make you look a lot better in doing so.

To find a link to the National Rosacea Society you may find the link at the bottom of the page by clicking this LINK.

For a more technical article that reviews some of the pathogenesis of acne and acne rosacea click HERE.

Fotofacial is an excellent way to treat Rosacea, for more information ask for Judy, click HERE.

I will be talking about Rosaea more in future blogs since it is such an important disorder.  I will be showing more pictures of rhinophyma and papulopustular rosacea.  Please stay tuned….