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Parasitic Diseases: Norwegian Scabies…a closer look…

Norwegian or Crusted Scabies is an extremely contagious hyperinfestation with Sarcoptes Scabiei.  It is frequently misdiagnosed as psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis by medical personnel that are…unaware.  It is estimated that individuals with Norwegian Scabies have up to 4,000 mites per gram of skin…often infected with over a million mites.  This compares with more typical scabies… Read more »

Parasitic Diseases: Scabies

Sarcoptes scabieie is known as the “itch mite.”  It is an oval, flattened mite with dorsal spines.  On exposure the mite burrows into the skin and deposits eggs in the outer layers (stratum corneum).  It affects families and communities world wide, but is most commonly found in children, young adults and the elderly.  It is… Read more »