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Contact Dermatitis: Rubber…

Contact Dermatitis to Rubber is a very common reaction to rubber products that come in direct contact with the skin.  As time goes on there are fewer rubber type products used in industry for clothing and shoe products.  Natural latex is also in this category of products.  Other components involved with production of rubber may… Read more »

Seborrheic Dermatitis: Dandruff, Cradle Cap…

About 2-5% of the population has some form of Seborrheic Dermatits, which is more commonly known as dandruff and cradle cap.  It is a chronic, superficial, inflammatory disease with a predilection for the scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, nasolabial creases, lips, ears, sternal area, axilla, submammary folds, umbilicus, groin and gluteal creases.  The scale is often yellow… Read more »

Hypoanesthetic Halos In Hawaii: Invasion of the Thrips…

And now for something completely different…  When I was at Tripler Army Medical Center I saw a number of patients present with Hypoanesthetic Halos in Hawaii, also referred to as Thysanoptera dermatitis.  It is a very unique presentation.  It is believed to be caused by Thrips which are small winged insects in the order Thysanoptera… Read more »

Contact Dermatitis: Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are popular.  They originated out of the Hindu and Middle Eastern cultures utilizing detailed intricate patterns that can be applied directly using a topically applied gel that stains the skin upon drying…it is not a permanent tattoo.  The temporary nature of the tattoo is what makes it attractive to many.  The staining agent… Read more »

Dermatology Detective…Contact Dermatitis

Sometimes you have to become a detective…  A patient presents with these very itchy, blistering lesions involving the anterior portions of both ankle regions.  He notes they have been going on for some weeks, ever since he purchased some new tennis shoes.  He denied any known contact allergies and denied any extended sun exposure to… Read more »