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Actinic Keratosis: Field Treatments—5-Fluorouracil, Imiquimod, Ingenol and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Field treatments for actinic keratosis are very effective, however, they can be quite reactive so patients need to be aware of this.  For patients applying 5-Fluorouracil (Efudex) or Imiquimod (Aldara) the treatment cycle is usually 4 weeks.  There are variations in this, such as, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off then 2 weeks on again.  Ingenol… Read more »

Actinic Keratosis: Treatment—Cryotherapy

There are many treatment options available and one of the most frequently used is cryotherapy.  Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold, between -346.0 F to -320.44 F, and when used as a spray produces a rapid freeze of tissue.  This concentrates the thermal injury directly to the outer layer of cells, the abnormal proliferative cells that… Read more »

Actinic Keratosis: What is it?

Also known as Solar Keratosis, Actinic Keratosis are in situ dysplasias reslting from sun exposure.  Those individuals with light skin are particularly predisposed and the most common sites of involvement are the exposed surfaces of the face–ears, balding scalp, dorsal hands and forearms.  The amount of damage can be profound, as shown on this first… Read more »